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Founded & Managed by Brandon Michael and Hector Almonte.


Brandon Michael has been producing music many years and has been building this music company one step at a time. Planning to make the world of music a better world for musicians and music lovers alike. His dream is to empower people through music.

Hector Almonte has been working alongside Brandon playing gigs and bringing music to many people. He has also had a passion for music from a very young age. His goal is bring good vibes to every party that he plays. 

DJ Set

E.N.T.I.T.Y. ENTERTAINMENT stands for (Every New Thing Inspires The Youth) Brandon and his friend Eduardo Morales came up with this name together, this name was chosen because they each belive music is a source of escape and inspiration that can fuel the young generations in a positive way as it did for them in their years of highschool. ENTITY ENTERTAINMENT was originally created in 2012 the company's founder and his affilites have been working steadilly to ensure that the company grows at a healthy pace with a great foundation. The musicians producers and DJ's associated with this company have the customer and music enthusiasts best intrest at heart. We pride ourself on bringing you quality sound and music experinces. The ENTITY Music Experince promises to be great and we always live up to our promises.




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